There are many free services online, why do I need my own domain?

These days, everyone needs an online presence to represent them, their business and their brand. Every time we hear about something interesting, we go online and look for it. Of course you can always try one of the free services available but the problem with that is there’s no such thing as “free” on the Internet. All the free services are still businesses with overhead and employees and they need to earn profit to stay in business. Whether by selling your personal information to their advertising partners, advertising on your site, giving you sub-domain (www.yourbusiness.theirfreeservice.com) to advertise their services at your expense and etc.. Although it might sound appealing, if you’d like to establish your own brand online, that is not very ideal because it can make you and your business look extremely unprofessional. Just imagine instead of Google.com, you had to visit www.google.my-free-website-fast.com!

What’s the difference between domain name and web hosting?

Basically all your information including your website files, images and etc. need to be stored somewhere for people to access them and that’s is your hosting. We dedicate a secure and expandable space on our servers for all your files. Domain name is the unique address for people to find them (www.google.com). Think of your web hosting as your home and your domain as the address to your home.

Do I have to design my site myself or you will do it for me?

Absolutely not! Our design team will gladly design it for you. Although automatic site builders sound fantastic at the first, the truth is, execution is only a small part of designing a website. Many people fall for that. HTML, CSS, JQUERY and etc. are just tools to design a site. If you gave someone brush and paint, can they paint Mona Lisa? Probably not. We read everything you’ve told us on your form and based on those information, come up with three custom-tailored concepts. You pick the one you like the best and we make it happen. You also have two rounds of revision to fine-tune your site just the way you like! Since humans writing your code, you end up with a much lighter and cleaner code which would increase your chance of being ranked on Google’s first page.

What if I don’t like all your concepts?

Our design concepts are based on our understanding of your business, brand and our experience. The more information you provide, the closer we can get to your vision. If you don’t like our first initial concepts, we’d ask the reason and based on your answer, we would then gladly come up with an additional concept for free. After that additional concepts are charged at an hourly rate.

What if I changed my mind, do I get my money back?

The minute we charge your credit card, we start setting up your site. Therefore all sales are final. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

I need to update my site’s content. How much do I have to pay?

If you purchased a plan starting at $499.99, NOTHING. These sites are CMS based sites (Content Management System) using an increasingly popular open-source platform, WordPress. If you know how to write an email or use any word-processing applications such as Microsoft Word, you can update your site as many time as you want, free of charge. And with a great open-source community behind it, there are millions of free tutorials and resources online which you can use to get the most out of your site. Any plan under our $499.99 plan is built using basic HTML & CSS, this requiring knowledge of those languages to update the site. We charge an hourly rate for updates of this nature.

I’ve already bought my template, can I use it with your service?

No. We want your code to be clean and light and some designers out there just don’t know how to write clean and organized codes. They might look great on the outside but they have messy, buggy and unorganized codes. To ensure the quality of your site, we will not accept any third-party templates, codes, plugins, scripts (except well-known sources such as Google AdSense script).

Do you offer any support?

We sure do! With all plans starting at $499.99 and above. After we’ve finished your site and gave you, your username and password, we offer 30-day complimentary technical support to get you started. If there’s anything you don’t know how to do and can’t find your answer online, we’d be more than happy to help you. This will not include design changes or major overhaul. Something small you can’t seem to figure out how to do it yourself.

Can I change the design and layout myself?

We recommend that you don’t, experience has taught us when our customers start messing around with our HTML and PHP codes, nine times out of ten it ends in disaster and broken sites. However, once the site is completed it is yours to do with as you please. Keep in mind any edits to our HTML & PHP code will void your 30 day free tech support.

Is my site going to be slow to load?

By nature any CMS solution is slightly slower to load than a normal HTML page since it’s loading all the content of your site from a database and converts them to normal HTML pages on the fly (just like how facebook takes a second or two to load). We do everything to create the fastest CMS site you can possibly have but keep in mind it can never be as fast as a simple HTML page. Considering all the benefits, it’s just a very small downside.